Vinnichchina - leading regions of Ukraine in terms of gross output of agriculture

According to the Central Statistical Office in Vinnytsia Oblast rate of gross agricultural output Vinnitsa region (at constant prices of 2010), January-February 2015 amounted to 117.7% (previous year 143.1%). XieEd Vinnichchina regions of Ukraine took 1st place - in terms of gross agricultural output and the pace of gross output for 1 person. In addition, the primacy Vinnichchina received and the volume of production of meat and milk. So in January-February 2015 farms of all categories of Vinnitsa region were sold to SARfirst of livestock and poultry in live weight 73.2 thousand tons. milk produced all kinds of 104.9 thousand. tons. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration