In January through customs Vinnytsia sunflower oil exporters have transported more than 5 million. $

Is also a list of the most exported products included: cole, canola or mustard oil - exports by more than $ 4 million. Oil cake and other solid residues and wastes our region in January exported to almost 3, 5 million dollars. Overall obsyaagricultural exports last month totaled 36.6 million. $, almost 95% of cost volume of export statistics provided 4 commodity groups: food and agricultural products; wood and pulp and paper products; chemical products; textiles, textiles and footwear. Number of issued export customsx returns increased by 8%. Last year in January they drew just over a thousand, this year - 1638. In January, customs officers recorded a positive balance of foreign trade? 15.5 million. $. The total number of processed goods reached 117 thousand. Tons. By January 2015, an increase of foreign economic activity subjectsher activity as compared to the same period 2014. Currently registered in Vinnytsia customs is SZED 271 (2014? 233). PG DFS in Vinnytsia Vinnytsia Oblast materials Customs This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration