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In Chernivtsi region rescuers Office made a working visit to Romania in the framework of international cooperation

Employees Management DSNS continue to actively cooperate with colleagues from other countries. As part of an international project « Improving life safety Valley Rod » rescue workers Chernovtsy regionpaid a visit to the city of Botosani, Romania. Ukrainian delegation met with the Chief of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Botoshanskoho County Council, Colonel Anton. During this event, it was agreed to hold a village Boyani Novoselytskyi area of ??international competitions volunteers, scheduled for March 19-20, and specifydata on program events. In addition, the participants agreed on further active cooperation. In particular, it yshlasya to exchange experiences on the implementation of the system 112. Also Radu Anton held for Ukrainian visitors a tour of the trial division of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Botosani city. Rescuers SDS ManagementWith Ukraine in Chernivtsi region was shown samples of machinery by which the liquidation of emergency situations and events of various kinds. In addition, during March 11-12 in Bucharest, Romania hosted an international meeting of the working group of major infrastructure projects of cross-border programs « Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 & raquo ;. On the part of Ukraine participated in the event rescuers Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, representatives of regional administrations and other government agencies. During the meeting discussed the priority programs of the two countries, the previous allocation of funds and approval of troubled projects. In the near future is expected to adopt diffeshennya European Commission on the formation of the primary and reserve list of projects and their budget. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region