Derev'yanko urge the Parliament to break the Corrupt "land" and leave schemes in the field of finance over

MP calls Yuri Derevyanko Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada to include in the agenda package of bills that will significantly improve the financial situation of villages and small towns. He said at a briefing in parliament.People's Deputy noted that after the adoption of the budget about 13 million Ukrainian living in rural areas, on the brink of survival. "We stand for the fact that more than 1/3 of Ukrainian citizens who live in rural areas, had a chance for development and for the future. It is aimed at our bills, one of which will be conyadatysya tomorrow - a bill 1159, and other bills that we ask the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada put on the agenda ", - he said. Derevyanko said that the draft law 1159 makes it possible to destroy the most common corruption schemes in land relations involving Goszemagentstva, and take away the authority of the institutionon disposal of land and transfer them to the city and village councils. "In order for the bill to work, we propose that tomorrow the agenda was also included in the bill 2291, which provides for a moratorium on the alienation of land outside the settlement," - said the MP. He explained that there is perestoroha, many local governments have been formed during the Yanukovych regime or the Party of Regions, and may dispose of the land in the wrong way. "Therefore, we propose to 1159 bill was supported, to include in the agenda bill 2291 and also decide on a moratorium on the alienation of land DiehlNOC outside the village and making long-term lease, "- said Derevianko. "This will enable us to restart in October, all local governments and provide new quality representatives in all local authorities, which will have adequate powers already in the new year," - he added. Also queued Derev'yankotion called again put on the agenda zaknoproekty to ensure financial self-sufficiency of local samovovryaduvannya. "The bills 1899 and 1900 - those bills for which came before last week's rural and village heads. And tomorrow as well representatives of cities, small regional centers, towns, villages, head yihnand intend to come to Parliament to persuade MPs to support these important bills, including eliminate welfare schemes on incomplete land tax, energy and transport companies, and set taxes on personal income at the place of business ", - said the drugDep. "Additionally, it will provide an opportunity to leave the field rental fee for the use of forest and water resources. This will make it possible to enroll 25% of personal income tax to the village and town and city councils," - he explained. "This is a package of bills, which gives a chance and hope for more than 1/3 of the population of Ukraine who live in rural areas, the rosesround, "- said Derevianko.