In the Transcarpathian region subsidy this year will be calculated independently

Through innovations introduced by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, for the first time this year, the citizens of our country will be able to calculate the subsidy alone. Online profile Ministry will set a special calculator, and everyone recymaye opportunity to learn about what amount of payment for utility services can be expected. Told First Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Vasyl Shevchenko. "For example, if the average subsistence minimum is 1176 USD, the required payment amount to 6.5% of that amount," - said the official. Byto the Ministry of Social Policy, about 2.5-3 million people turn for subsidies. Vasyl Shevchenko noted: "Max, this figure could reach 4 million. And for this we have simplified system - a system that will allow the person is very simple, with virtually no contact with officials or through an authorized person In case, when it concerns the villages, or via written request, or otherwise, to inform management of social security that she wants to get a subsidy. " The core Ministry reported that the average size of subsidies vary by region. The calculation assumes that the lower the income, the lower the household pays for services. For example, if the incomefamily member is 500 USD, the payment will be made only at the rate of 3.19% per person. Vasyl Shevchenko confirmed the possibility of subsidies in terms of rent: "The form of rental housing is also provided if there is officially registered lease." Press service of RSA This was reported in the Zakarpattia aboutlasniy State Administration