In Chernivtsi region traffic police reminds young road users on how to use two-wheeled transport

From the beginning of spring on the roads began to appear young drivers mopeds and bicycles. Worthy birthday gift to become "two-wheeled friends' youth. "Unfortunately, most parents are happy only those that are able to afford such claimrezenty "- said the head DDAI MIA of Ukraine Anatoliy Sirenko. "Only units with the spend with children appropriate educational work and explain the rules of use. Then and there the sad statistics of accidents from minor fault. " Children with drivers is the most vulnerable road users. Because age harakterystyk minors often without adequate attention to existing rules are, even if they are familiar with. Psychologists say that accidents caused by children occur because they simply have no idea how to act in a particular traffic situation. For this reason parents give the child before a vehicle shall attach mustacheand efforts to teach children traffic rules and motivate them to follow. We should not forget that the child always follows the example of the surrounding adults. So accustom its own actions to discipline. "I want to give some advice to parents who decided to make a two-wheeled baby gift" - continues to head the State Ukraine."First, make sure the child's physical ability to drive. Secondly, ensure child necessary equipment. Helmet, besides performing direct protective function also makes the driver more noticeable. A similar effect has a special veloodyah bright colors. Third, teach the child the attention and on the road. It hasobserve and prevent unwanted situation. Ruts, holes, cracks in the pavement are threatening. Should also be more likely to twist your head and keep the potentially dangerous moving objects. Good to see the peripheral vision is also important. A reaction force and will quickly orientate in danger dramatically change the speedor b direction. Thursday: do not forget about lighting equipment of the vehicle. On a scooter headlights must be serviceable. A bicycle while driving at night or in poor visibility must have lights that indicate it and let you see road. In the fifth, regularly check the serviceability Traninterchange means. First of all, it must operate efficiently and quickly and accurately brake switch gear. And finally - Ensure psychological readiness of the child to drive. If fear of the roadway, it is better for her not to leave. On the road we must behave confidently, no fuss from side to side, turn the wheel exactly Usonly to slip away from danger or maneuver. Dear parents, in any case should not spare time to study the behavior of the child's right on the road! Do not expect that someone will do it for you! Protect the life and health of their own offspring! ". Press Service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine GAI