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In the Zhytomyr region deblokuvaly rescue man from damage from the accident vehicle

March 15 at 1:47 at the point called ’ communications 15th State Fire and Rescue downtown Baranivka received information that is needed to help rescue the release of human of damage from road-transportnoyi car accident. To rescue « 101 » phoned the police, who were already at the scene. Upon arrival to the place of call it was found that on a street in the district center, a minibus driver « Mercedes-Benz & raquo ;, lost control, with ’ was driving overturned in a ditch is on the rightand side. Because rollover car doors were locked and the injured driver needed help physicians. Rescuers, using special equipment, remove the windshield of the vehicle, got injured man and handed him over to the hands of doctors. Now he is being treated in Baranowski central district hospital with diaprognosis: the slaughter of the lumbar spine. His condition health ’ i again. Also DSNS soldiers got out of the ditch and most by car. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region