In the Transcarpathian region invisible killer - carbon monoxide According to statistics,

State Emergency Service of Ukraine in January-February 2015 the territory of Ukraine (except temporarily occupied territories and areas where the ATO) there were 937 fires 6000 which found 527 people died . In an average day in the country killed 9 people. AnaLiz shows that most people die in infancy fire disaster, ie before the arrival of the fire and rescue units. By rule, due to carbon monoxide poisoning and combustion products (66.9% of the total number of deaths). As for Transcarpathia, then during that period in fires found 9 people died and a murderer in their bilshosti cases was haz.Zvisno carbon, carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide – CO) – has no color, no smell, but stands wherever the product is burning. For example, tobacco smoking is also a source of carbon monoxide. A large amount of gas contained in the exhaust of automobile engines. Of course, the volume of these sources are inadequate to & ldquo, Poisoned by fumes to death & rdquo ;. However, small doses of carbon monoxide still cause headache, oxygen starvation. But when they breathe well, you can also give life to God, because its effect causes coagulation of hemoglobin in the body that leads to seizures, vomiting, fainting, last – loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest. EvenEskimos in their homes with bricks of snow during the cold polar Duty ’ make sure to vent in the dome. Otherwise, any fire – spirit lamp, candles can cause death. Traditionally, unfortunately, cause carbon monoxide poisoning is incorrect installation and operation of heating equipment. Simply, if prematurely closeand stove valve, the gas gets unnoticed in the living room. Therefore, never forget rule until the zharynkah visible blue lights, close the barrier deadly. Generally, saving heat should never hinder your safety, ie ventilation. Carbon monoxide is formed during incomplete combustion of natural gas. This means In case, when in the kitchen or in the bathroom (with a gas column) poor ventilation, death can occur quickly and quietly. It is especially dangerous to smoke gas in poor traction in the gas column, so you need to regularly check cravings. Recorded and deaths, especially in the cold season, drivers and passengers of vehicles that basking in the car in the parking lot or garageand turned on the engine. Carbon monoxide poisoning goes unnoticed. It does not smell and does not irritate eyes. So definitely for any driver should be a rule – in the car with the engine switched stay awake! Often carbon monoxide poisoning is the result of improper installation and operation of electrical and other careless inwith fire-treatment, or simply – simple human negligence and irresponsibility. So if you ’ appeared the first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning: dizziness, weakness, nausea, chest pain, dry cough sometimes, tinnitus, sore, then immediately leave the room and chymduzh get out into the fresh air. If you need a victimEid carbon monoxide need help, above all, should immediately call an ambulance. Before the arrival of experts must victim dopravyty out. Raise the nose with cotton wool ammonia. To ensure the free flow of air to the lungs, unbuttoned his clothes. If the victim conscious, give plenty of liquids (tea, water). Prand stop breathing and circulation victim of carbon monoxide is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR and chest compressions). And the best way to treat – prolonged breathing oxygen. Management DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region emphasizes that caution and respect of fire safety ­ the key to preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region