In the Rivne region police identified the attackers Bereznovsky

police set all persons involved in the beating policemen, including two of the most active participants who provoked and used physical violence. This two residents Bereznovsky region who were in ATO, and one of them escaped and was in Rivne Categoriesezakonno. 26-year-old Taras, a resident of the village. Bystrychi, was in the area of ??anti-terrorist operation in August last year. For two weeks he was on vacation, and on March 16 in a return of the military unit. Chuhuiv Kharkiv region. However, before you go to the ATO, the end of 2013. Taras committed a traffic accident in the village. Ivanivka Bereznovsky Rayowell. Moving vehicle "Opel", he lost control, ran off the road and turned over cars. Due to an accident two passenger were injured moderately. Then opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of traffic safety or operation of the vehicle by a personthat driving the vehicle that caused medium grave bodily harm). The investigation lasted six months, but the court has not reached since Taras went to the East. In addition, his account was another criminal case. In March 2011, he inadvertently broke his leg villagers. Was violateEna criminal case under Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hard careless or moderate injury). Court he was assigned 200 hours of community service. Another 28-year-old Andrew, a resident of the village. V.Selysche was previously convicted of causing intentional moderate bodily injury. And in July 2014, he was convicted ofand theft. The young man had stolen bank card and took her 1600 UAH. In addition, it was reported that he fled from the area and the ATO is in Rivne region as illegally absent. Then it will deal with military prosecutors. According to Taras and Andrew, they are defenders of the Motherland, protect citizens of Ukraine, including law enforcement Rivne region thatand so constantly going on a business trip to the East of Ukraine. However, men from among the common people returning home, set their own rules that are unacceptable for Ukraine. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region