In the Transcarpathian Region clarification on the conduct of auctions for the purchase of raw wood

Paragraph 1 Order of the State Forestry Committee of Ukraine of 19.02.2007, 42 approved of the organization and conduct of auctions and sales untreated wood, which regulates the procedure for exercising all untreatedwood. This Regulation provides for the implementation of untreated wood auctions based on commodity exchanges, which signed the treaty sellers of the auction. Sellers in the auction are the permanent forest users, performing logging in Ukraine in the manner prescribed by law. In place, buyers may be business entities regardless of ownership, residents Ukraine. It provides that the purchase of wood can be exclusively for the needs of its own timber production. To participate in the auction business entities are required to submit an application and dAdditional list of documents to prove the validity of the application, including help with the actual amount of recycled wood in the previous quarter. Number offered for sale in accordance with paragraph 2 wood Regulation and involves putting up for auction all raw wood in the volume of regular quarterly harvesting a forestwe. In accordance with paragraph 2.9 Provisions for the auction are formed freely without favoring any bidders to ensure market-based approach in its formation. This was reported in the Zakarpattia Oblast Administration