In Ternopil group thieves who committed a series of thefts from garages and houses, police caught

thieves Chertkovskaya quartet exposed workers Chortkivsk police department. Thieves penetrated to the garage apartments and houses and stealing someone else's property. As the deputy chief of police department Chortkivsk Andrew pigsrchuk, a number of thefts were involved in four residents of the county seat, two of which - underage students. Wrongful acts guys did the first time. Porozvazhatysya wanted, so we decided to get the money. One of the suspects - 16-year-old schoolboy. He spotted the courtyard of a large private residence kaystru metal. The owner of the house rarely naviduvalasya the house, so the guy decided to steal and pass the container for scrap. About conceived told his 15-year friend and he agreed to help. Kaystra weighed over a hundred pounds, but the young thieves still managed to make it out of the economy. Away carry stolen goods had. At street thieves lucky to sell capacity for two hundredUAH one of the residents. Money immediately set off to spend on entertainment. On successful transaction Students boasted older friend. 23-year-old boy decided to engage boys and other thefts. To business joined by 19-year-old relative of one of the boys. The next target of elected Garage space chortkivchanyna 56 years. Broken oldlock and stole two metal cars and motor. Stolen passed for scrap. Young victim of thieves and the owner of an unfinished house on the outskirts of the district center. The boys entered his home and carried out gas boiler, elektrobolharku, an electric motor and a bunch of metal things. Electrical guys have sold a few hundred hryvnia, and gas cate that deserved more than ten thousand, thieves dismantled for parts and passed along with the rest stolen for scrap. Krusty went on and on. Metal pipes, motors and even manhole - all thieves managed to learn from other people's homes. Throughout guys spend cash in entertainment establishments. Continue to commit unlawful attackers fromavadyly police. Law enforcers detained young thieves during the next penetration into someone else's house. In perfect boys confessed. Investigators Chortkivsk police department opened criminal proceedings under Article 185 part 2 and part 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - theft. 23-year-old attacker will have to answer also forinvolvement of minors in criminal activity under Article 304 of the Criminal Code. The investigation is ongoing. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region