In Ternopil help shape suhpaykom for law enforcement in the area ATO management asks regional police

More than a hundred employees Ternopil police will go in the coming days to the east of the state to replace their colleagues there. Thanks to the volunteers and benefactors police sent east in full uniform. However, the money Mr.and purchase the necessary food for the formation suhpaykom lacking. For the first wave of rotation necessary products guide regional administration took a loan on one of hurtoven city. Shortly joint unit of police and militia battalion "Ternopil" will go back into the zone of the antiterrorist operation,and not enough food. Guardians of Ternopil regional police department look to business, farmers and other benefactors to provide soldiers suhpaykom (tea, cereals, stew, condensed milk, jelly, etc.). If you can and want to help, please contact the regional police department at:. Ternopil, st. Gross, 11, or call: (0352) 27-14-18 (098) 586-62-98, (097) 523-61-80. Funds can be counted and Ternopil Regional Foundation "Law and Order": p / 26007060726896 TF PJSC CB "Privat" IFO 338 783 code 26024950 Payment: Charitable contributions excluded. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopilarea