Ministry of Justice of Ukraine candidates to fill vacant positions

- First Deputy Chief of Territorial Administration of Justice in the Ternopil region; - Deputy Chief of Territorial Administration of Justice in the Ternopil region on the state executive service - head of state Vikoexecutive service; - Deputy Chief of Territorial Administration of Justice in the Ternopil region on the state registration - Head of state registration; To invite the citizens of Ukraine who are fluent in Ukrainian, have completed a law degree at the qualifications of chetsialista or master's degree, professional experience in public service and / or with a degree in management positions in other areas of at least five years. Persons who wish to participate in the contest, submit to the tender committee of the Ministry of Justice the following documents: application for participation in the competition, stating the Consultation with established lawrestrictions on the civil service and civil service; filled with personal card (Form P-2 CDs) with corresponding applications; two sized 4 x 6 inches; copies of documents on education with applications, training, assigning academic rank, awarding academic degrees; declaration of assets, revenues, expenses and outfinancial commitments over the past year in the form required by the Law of Ukraine " On Principles of Prevention and Combating Corruption & quot ;; copy of identification (passport); a copy of the military card (for military or individuals); certificate of access to state secrets (if any). Persons WMSUts River submit additional information on their education, work experience, professional skills and reputation (features, scientific publications, etc.). Additional information about the main functional responsibilities, amount and terms of remuneration provided by the Department of Personnel and Civil Service. To test the candidates knowledgepositions on key executives territorial departments of Justice, the Ministry of Justice introduced voluntary testing. To participate in voluntary testing person must complete and submit the form attached. Documents for participation in the competition and application forms for participation in the voluntary test taken within 30 Calaisndarnyh days from the date of publication of the announcement on the official website of the Ministry. Documents and forms are accepted at m. Kyiv, vul. Gorodetsky, d. 13 Room. Number 105. The application form for participation in voluntary testing can be sent to e-mail Telephone: (044) 271-17-25.