Chernihiv region, due to negligence while smoking in bed killed 3 people

During the last day in Chernihiv during fires killed 3 people. February 13 at 8:05 to the Rescue "101" in the Mena region received information about the fire house in the village. Loknyste. After 5 minutes on the scene working fire team in Marcheznoho and Loknystoho. At 8:20 localized fire, and at 8:50 finally eliminated. It features firefighters found the body of 82-year-old owner. The fire destroyed the floor area of ??5 square. of bed and household goods. At 8:50 in the village. Gorbach Bobrovick area on fire house. With the challenge to the scene firefighters arrived Local Companyva "Ahroprohres" and fire-rescue unit Bobrovytsia. Together and professional actions at 9:20 localized fire, and at 9:40 finally eliminated. During the elimination of fire rescuers found the body of 25-year-old owner. The fire destruction bed and floor to area of ??2 square meters. m. At 10:35 to the Rescue "101" in Repkinsky regionreceived a report of a fire house in the village. Verbychi. During firefighters extinguish one room house found the body of 57-year-old owner. The fire destroyed bed and household goods. The cause of fire was the tragic consequences of addiction man smoking in bed. Moreover, in the latter two cases were owners of dwellings Napadpytku. In connection ’ connection with this, rescuers calling people not to smoke in bed, especially drunk. Carefully extinguish cigarette butts and matches. YM Anykiyenko, Deputy Head of DSNS in Chernihiv region