In Vinnytsia at Donetsk National University held the dedication of freshmen students (+ photos)

In the Donetsk National University held a dedication in freshmen students. Ceremony, which for 78 years of the institution, has become traditional, had to postpone the events in Eastern Ukraine. This time studentical University family, who in November 2014 working in the winery, has added more than 400 boys and girls. The vast majority of them residents of Donbass and only 70 people from among vinnichane. Part of the current first-year introductory campaign was still in Donetsk, while the remaining additional set last fall. "It was always pleased that the ranks of the studentment team joins a large cohort of talented, creative, creative young people. Every year we have numbered more than two thousand freshmen as contractual and budgetary learning. Thus, we have a small home - in Donetsk. them we do not have many - 450 people, but this is our gold fund. I wish you peace, prosperity etc.and courageous spirit, and student creativity and inspiration. And your teachers will do their best to make you feel here in Vinnytsia region. Arm all we will be fine "- said the Rector of Donetsk National University, Doctor of Law, Professor Roman Grynyuk. In December, representatives of the Club intellectuals Vinnichiny INTERMEZZO took kulturno and artistic patronage of Donetsk National University, in Vinnytsia - said its president, chairman of Vinnytsia National Union of Writers of Ukraine Mikhail cobblestones. Therefore, regular meeting and outbound association was held in the premises of his high school as part of the ceremony of initiation of freshmen students. "Studiesls and teachers interested in Donetsk National University, where they live and what is tradition. They come in all meetings of the club intellectuals Vinnichiny INTERMEZZO. We welcome students in word and incentive donated books on local history, the history of Vinnitsa, build our writers in a series of modern literaturcheers Vinnitsa region. By the way, as part of outreach meetings of the club in the future they plan to organize excursions to historical and cultural reserve and "Bush" to Lyadovskoho Usiknovenskoho rock monastery, to familiarize them with the broader traditions and culture of our country "- said Michael cobblestones. Club "Intermezzo" and suggested this againin an interesting and informative program for students and teachers of Donetsk University, which is active in civic and social life of our country. At the meeting, headed by the President of the Club, writer and journalist, Honored Worker of Ukraine, Head of Vinnytsia writer Michael cobblestones, was president of the Association of libraries VinnichchinaNatalia Morozova and local writers and artists. Informative and interesting art was part of the meeting of the Club - a unique gift to the students on the occasion of the next Valentine's Day. In the author's performance sounded lyrics debutants literature: John Sholokhov, pages forthcoming book "Before and after Happiness" Anatoly Martynyuk, futuristic symbolistskie shkitsy the book "Melody for notes Anna" and so on; Ludmila Lyubatskoyi, pages forthcoming book "Circulation"; Leonid Borozentseva modern poetry. Own singing lyrics from the "come back later and swans in Ukraine" gave the audience a poet, composer and singer Zoe Krasulyak and famous singer Andrew Senchenko performed his own pieces from the new album "Piecenor for the front. " A repeated award winning "Karaoke on the Square", winner of national and international festivals, Vinnytsia Oblast Philharmonic Artist Natalia Savchenko performed their best songs. Rich diversity of talents Vinnitsa College of Culture and Arts named M.Leontovych. Some of them were at the concert to Donetsk. Headed thisart "landing" Director of the College, Honored Artist of Ukraine, the famous composer and singer Stanislav Horodynskyy. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration