In Ternopil Regional Administration discussed the progress in mobilizing

In the ongoing second phase of the fourth stage partial mobilization of its passage discussed during the meeting, which held March 16, acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak. Participating in the meeting were heads of power structures and land chiefs STRUCTUREurnyh units RSA. According to Acting military recruiting office Ternopil Regional Commissioner Colonel Vladimir Katyn, men try to avoid conscription under the fourth wave of mobilization. "The results of poor mobilization. Implementation of the first and second stages of the fourth stage of mobilization achieved in only 50% - ofaznachyv Vladimir Katyn. - The best situation in Kremenetskiy, Shumsky and Zbarazh areas, the lowest - in Monastyryska and Buchachsky region - 19%. " On the course of mobilization in Ternopil reported at a meeting of city commissioner military recruiting office Sergey Havryliuk. Therefore, Ternopil City Council to intensify efforts tobusinesses, organizations and institutions posyty work stations alert. Acting Head John Krysak instructed centers of employment include the list of job vacancies offered viyskomatamy. Do not omitted during the meeting and issue demobilization. John Krysak stressed that control of the government at the edgebeing, rehabilitation and providing benefits to participants ATO. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration