John Krysak "defend the country instead of us, no one will!"

Heads of village councils should strengthen the information and explanatory work with the population to mobilize. This was stressed by the acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak February 14 during a meeting he held in Berezhany. Participation in it as vzyaDid heads of rural councils. "This year we have to focus all attention on defense, - said John Krysak. - Only in our area more than 60 companies working in this industry. We are looking for opportunities to place in the region even more companies with defense, but the main task facing us is a performance plans cartstion. " According to the head Berezhany district administration Basil Kalyniuk mobilization in the area is made only by 34%. "Results from our region to the Armed Forces of Ukraine should mobilize 90 people, but for now mobilized 31 people - he said. - To ensure that we use to mobilize all possible measures. We discussed kgand questions to the panel session and RSA. From each village council need to call two or three people, it's not much when threatened the independence of Ukraine. The task of man has always been the protection of the family and the state. " As John Krysak, wait until the enemy will advance is not necessary, or we risk losing it completely. "Understand and untilitnetwork to their communities that the issue of protecting Ukraine is extremely important! To protect the homeland for us, no one will! "- Said the acting chairman. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration