Pyrotechnics DSNS Ukraine for two weeks seized 700 weapons in the east

daily in the liberated territories of Donbass work pyrotechnic units DSNS Ukraine. On July 6, 2014 works on demining and about ’ objects in economy liberated from terrorist groups towns of Donetsk and Luganskher areas for security and peace of people. Thus, current estimates pyrotechnic Interregional Center Response State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Romny Sumy region.) Are exempt from the terrorists in the towns of Lugansk region and the so-called zone of collision. Since 2015 Sumy pyrotechnics neckWilly, was taken to a safe location and defused 600 explosive devices, namely, missiles, artillery shells, grenades, mortar shells, shrapnel grenades, cluster elements and anti-tank grenades. Most ammunition were found in the settlement area Novoaydarivskoho – villages Pobeda, Dmytrivka,Trohizbenka, towns and villages Happiness Luhansk, where he still continues fighting. According to the head MTSSHR DSNS Ukraine, Colonel Civil Protection Service Sergei Belyaev, work for our staff on site southeast of the country, is still missing. Because terrorists every day leave behind all the new “ Gifts ” for civilians.But motivation, care and professionalism pyrotechnics DSNS necessarily prevail against deadly cold metal. In particular, from 28 January, after the activation of attacks by terrorists pyrotechnic calculations DSNS Ukraine in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions were found and seized 689 pieces of munitions and examinedalmost 20 hectares. territory. Note that in general, ranging from 6 July 2014, pyrotechnics DSNS found and seized 32 thousand. 821 units. (Per day – 59 units.) Ammunition, including artillery shells – 5 th. 203 units. (Per day – 13 units.) mines – 2 thousand. 685 units. (Per day – 3 units.) grenades and mines – 2 thousand. 991 units. (Per day – 18 units.) rocket ammunition – 563 units. (Per day – 1 unit.) other explosive items – 21 thousand. 379 units. (Per day – 24 units.). Total checked for Munitions 968 administrative structures and buildings 1 thousand. 659.7 ha area (per day – 1,4 ha) and 37.5 hectares of water areasuu water. However, in Donetsk and Luhansk region continue to operate mobile heating items to help people. In these areas, people are able to keep warm also offered hot tea and food. Also one can get psychological help and information. Thus, from the beginning of the deployment of such items in the Donetsk region, more than 3000 people have already applied there for support and help. As for the Lugansk region in such areas helped nearly 850 people. To the east of Ukraine daily continues to flow of humanitarian aid as rescue workers and residents of other regions and the international community. In particular, in the context of cooperation between Ukraine and GermanInternational Cooperation (GIZ), which lasts from August 2014, almost every day coming to the East German trucks with humanitarian aid. Yesterday, the Donetsk region of Society « GIZ » send a truck with appliances that 37 rescuers State Fire and Rescue parts are unloaded. Further, the rubber-sanitary assistance will be distributed among the population. We would like to remind that in early February this year the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) delivered to residents of the eastern regions, to the city. Mariupol, 20 tons of sugar, 2.25 tons of baby food, 2,500 pieces of blankets, nearly 22 tons of food for residents City: milk, inivsyanku city ’ canned meat, oil, rice, buckwheat, peas, and construction materials for the reconstruction of destroyed buildings after the bombing. Moving people from Donetsk and Lugansk As in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions not subside attacks by terrorists to carry out removal of people from dangerous areas, unfortunately,impossible. Today the efforts of rescue workers and local authorities of the city. Popasna Luhansk region removed 38 people including 6 children. However, the rescue forces, local authorities and voloneriv and left alone Donetsk and Lugansk 8228 people, of which 1 833 110 people and a child who can not move independently. Pres Service DSNS Ukraine