In Berdichev Zhytomyr region police searching for rogue

local resident believed in the story stranger who told her on the phone "won" foreign car. After she lost her own nerozvazhlyvist 2050 USD. March 13 to Berdichev Gorotdel AMIA asked 36-year-old resident of the district center with a statement of deception. It CrucifixionHauville law enforcement that a few days ago it called an unidentified man, who reported the alleged won her car. Cheat wife convinced that in order to win you need to pay a certain amount for its design. So she agreed to transfer to the specified account stranger than 2 thousand. An hour later, realizingthat it defrauded the woman approached the police. Now the police conduct a set of measures aimed at establishing and arrest the attacker. However, police warn you: - Remember that the only sanity and calm perception of any situation can save from reckless actions and deeds; - In the case of uncertain situations consult with ca.yzkymy tell their doubts about friends and acquaintances; - Note that these lotteries and prize drawings are not conducted without the consent of participants or through random people. It is logical to assume that a prize, you must be a member of at least some official action; - Do not forget that your confidential data baning accounts can not notify anyone, even bank employees! If you convince losing money or inform any other banking operations and required to provide personal information - do not rush. Better call the hotline financial institution and tell the attempted fraud; - No one under any circumstancesdo not provide personal information on the number of bank cards, accounts, CVV-code, pin, etc., especially over the phone; - Carefully read the SMS messages that come to your mobile phone. Do not reveal the codes received confirmation for certain transactions; - In any case do not include in advertisements, booze businessystsi conversation with strangers or numbers which are "tied" to your credit card; - In matters of financial good common sense, and if necessary, consult with experts; - Tell us about the precautions mentioned their children, parents, relatives and friends. This will help keep them out of trouble and prevent cheaters, etc.odovzhyty their criminal activities. Remember, in these situations, your financial security depends on you! Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region