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State car recalls in some cases it is advisable to use the "Yevroprotokolom"

traffic police have repeatedly informed the public about the feasibility of using Yevroprotokolu in the design of mechanical accidents. This method is convenient and saves time and reduces the occurrence of phenomena zatorovyh on the road network. This is the introductionin 2011, the simplified mechanism design accident with minor effects by adding the notice of accident (Yevroprotokolu) and other innovations aimed at bringing liability insurance car owners with international standards and insurance claims handling. Yevroprotokol ("Reporting the accident") - Specialnyy form a uniform pattern across Europe, filled drivers participating accidents at the site of the accident. Later, Yevroprotokolu design is the basis for payment of insurance compensation to the injured party in an accident. Many drivers do not use this feature because of the lack of information and fear that the inability to fill postsI of accidents result in non-payment of insurance company funds. State car decided to hold a series of so-called "training" for drivers and using the media as well as preventive conversations with drivers deliver the latest advantages of this method. "I remind citizens that drivers car, got in an accident, can use YevroprotoCircle in the circumstances envisaged by the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning accidents and insurance compensation," - said the head of traffic police Anatoliy Sirenko. - "Namely, participants accident is only provided policy MTPL vehicles; no injured (dead) people; c driverss vehicles agreed on the circumstances of accident; drivers no signs of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication or being under the influence of drugs. " If drivers benefited by mutual Yevroprotokolom its design and signature, they have the right to leave the scene exempt from dutyinform the State Ministry of Ukraine occurrence of accidents and exempted from administrative liability provided for causing the accident. However, in case of at least one of the mandatory conditions for Yevroprotokolu, call the police employee for compulsory registration of accidents! If there was an accident, the results of which was filled Yevroprotokol,is involved in the accident shall within three working days of the appeal commission adventures with his copy of the completed Yevroprotokolu to the insurer, which entered into a contract of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles. These and other innovations aimed at simplifying the relationship between allMA in discriminatory regulation of traffic. Press Service Departamenotu road traffic police Ukraine