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Head of Khmelnytsky administration forms Zahorodnyi team managers

Head of Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Michael Zahorodnyi forms a team of managers who will work for the benefit of Khmelnitsky region. He said March 14. He said that during 16-20 March, people who want to work in our team,can submit their proposals and documents to the State Administration HR department of regional state administration from 9.00 to 17.00 hours, or during personal reception of citizens on Monday, March 16, from 10.00 to 15.00 hours (1 fl. RSA, room Reception). "In order to ensure transparency and adherence to democratic principles underBor derzhluszhbovtsiv, State Administration begins the formation of effective personnel reserve. We hope that we will come to the professional and patriotic people who are willing to work on the territory of the region, embodying the consistent position of the President and the Government of the country "- said Zahorodnyi. Requirements: - Detailed biography of the photo, which will be incopper education, career and success story of the applicant, - Experience of public service or service in local government at least three years or having work experience of at least five years in management positions (preferably) - Set of state authority in the field of executive power and position to which the candidate claims and theirvision of the post with the principles and foundations of Civil Service of Ukraine. The decision on the selection of candidates will be made after checking the information given in the documents and, if necessary, personal interviews. The information was