In Uzhhorod pseudo-son lured money from pensioner

77-year-old victim was uzhhorodka phone fraudster. Pensioner gave UAH 1,600 "son" for treatment. Yesterday Gorotdel to Uzhgorod police appealed retired. She said that it called "son" and said that it is because travmopunkte broke his leg, he should claimidklyuchyty to any device for which you need to pay money in the amount of UAH 1,600. The news of his son so confused pensioner, she did not pay attention to any unfamiliar phone number, no voice altered son. Loving mother ran to the nearest bank and donated to the account, which she dictated pseudo-son, 1600 hryvnia. GOdom appeared that no true son of the woman phoned financial aid it does not need, but it was too late - funds the hands of thieves. Dear citizens! If you are unfamiliar person will call and inform about what happened to your family similar incident, do not succumb to the influence of scams. Take your time to transfer the money to Mr.Homero given user on a phone card or give money to the person who comes to them - all these kinds of well tuned circuit. Uzhgorod police again advised in such cases, call 102 and follow the instructions under operational duty. Also, immediately contact your family and ask about their locationstion. This will protect yourself from fraud. Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Dear Diana, Uzhgorod CF MIA