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Zhytomyrski police asked to help set people involved in bullying

During the preliminary investigation, investigators Zhytomyr CF AMIA set of people who are suspected of causing bodily harm to citizens during the event in the city. Zhytomyr nearby buildings PG Mindohodiv in November 2014. Ongoing preliminary inquiryproceedings under Part. 2, Art. 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the events that took place November 18, 2014 in the regional center near the Main Directorate Mindohodiv. The investigation received the photo event participants that may be involved in injuries to two men. The police appeals to citizensto help establish their identity. Dear citizens! If you recognize someone with men or have any information on their location and circumstances of the crime, inform the police call: (0412) 40-74-75, 37-23-21 or "102" or contact Zhytomyr Gorotdel MIA at st. L. 17. Ryesecular CF MIA Ukraine in Zhytomyr region