Volynyanyn who stole a woman's yard power tools may spend five years in prison,

stolen from other people thing dodger friend immediately sold and the money spent on their own needs. By the duty of Vladimir - Volyn MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region appealed resident of the city. The woman told of guardsthat its economy is unknown person stole electric shredder grain. Law enforcement officials determined: the theft involved 21-year-old resident of a neighboring district. An attacker day notice to the court of the applicant electrical and dining returned to freely steal it. Investigation Department Vladimir-Volyn MB of Internal Affairs of UkraineVolyn region indicated by the fact initiated preliminary inquiry under Part. 2, Art. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Now the man faces up to five years in prison. Alina Matusevych, Vladimir-Volyn MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region