In Chernihiv operates a creative workshop for children and youth with disabilities

In recent years we can observe in our society tends to increase the number of people with disabilities, including children and young people. The reasons for this phenomenon is poor ecology, distribution of negative factors in children and youth thisdium (alcohol and drugs), complex socio-economic situation, limited access to quality health services and highly skilled. In order to provide children and youth with special needs in the development of creative abilities of children and young people in this category, providing conditions for their development, overcoming complexof inferiority, improve self-esteem and self-esteem, creative growth and development, organization of interesting and meaningful leisure in Chernihiv city center of social services for families, children and youth since 2003 has a creative workshop. It is a form of group work that brings together volunteer children and young people with limited functionalitynnyamy and their parents. The purpose of these sessions is self-self, development of creative abilities and cognitive processes, self each participant. At the next class members under the guidance of an experienced mentor creating crafts, flowers, paper, and the next plan to acquire new equipment - manufactureapplication of straw. According to social service centers