During an argument mortally injured roommate Volynianka

Resident Vladimir-Volyn hit man kitchen knife. Realizing that done, immediately summoned doctors and police officers. Despite the medical care provided, the victim died in hospital intensive care unit. On the course of the investigation said first resonant crime bystupnyk chief - chief investigator Alexander police department Gorotdel Mohyletskyy: - In the next part of Vladimir-Volyn MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn Oblast received information from a local resident. A woman reported that she applied stabbed his roommate in the stomach. At the scene officers' emergency medical assistance "gave 43-year-old victim first aid and then taken to the Vladimir-Volyn Territorial Medical Center, but her husband died in the intensive care unit. During the investigation 31-year-old suspect was reported that the injuries inflicted roommate kitchen knife during a family conflict. - A woman JSCrymaly, court her preventive measure - house arrest. Police continue to investigate the criminal proceedings initiated by the second paragraph of Article 121 (intentional grievous bodily harm) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Appointed series of examinations. Woman faces from seven to ten years in prison - said Alexander Gravestskyy. Alina Matusevych, Vladimir-Volyn MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region