In the Rivne region to help immigrants we have enough experience in the session

mobile group on work with forced displaced persons to their social and economic adaptation in place of temporary residence was attended by Deputy Director of District Employment Zdolbunov Oksana Schneider. The event was held in standby modeokonferentsiyi with the social partners Rivne region. At the present stage of our country special importance to consolidate the efforts of civil service employment with government and civil society to responding to the challenges of the labor market. Today A particular emphasis in the Zdolbunovvskoho District Employment is the provision of internally displaced persons. At the meeting on mobile group of displaced persons from forced on their social and economic adaptation in place of temporary residence, Deputy Director of Employment Oksana Schneider described the employment services aimed at job placementsetting up of immigrants. During maintenance IDPs specialists governed by laws. When accessing the Employment of the person and also takes into account the circumstances in which a person was. For registered with Zdolbunivska district employment center are 18 unemployed internally displaced persons,which actively work for employment as soon as possible. Oksana Schneider emphasized that the information system, which employs Employment Service, provides access to a national database of vacancies and employment of citizens in any region of Ukraine with regard to their education, professional experience and wishes. PratsivnMAP employment service daily provide maximum assistance in employment and social protection. "For this we have enough and expertise and capabilities," - said in conclusion of his speech, Deputy Director Oksana Schneider. This was reported in Rivne city employment center