Vinnytchina: "That sector work required - first - open markets, and secondly - to attract investment" - Alex Pavlenko (+ photos)

on reorganization and perspectives of alcohol and sugar industries raised during a meeting with journalists Vinnichiny Minister of Agriculture Policy and Food of Ukraine. "Alcohol industry was one of the yaskraing examples of corruption component, said - Alex Pavlenko. - For Ukrspirt introduced 61 criminal charges. Figures preliminary investigation indicate more than 400 million. UAH underpayment to the budget, stealing money, including in operations by purchasing raw materials. Investigation keep under control, we will comply with publicity as Galwayz must be clear and transparent to all. " The Minister stressed that the alcohol industry needs large investments, "According to preliminary estimates, it is somewhere around 2 billion. We have more than 50 factories, which are normally only 4. dozen more - so-so. This is not normal, given that the trend is export-oriented. " Alex Pavlenko byuvazhyv that due to the collapse of the hryvnia, our products was several times more attractive to exporters. So currently working on a separate group of Ukrainian exports to Turkey and the former CIS countries. Asked about the prospects of the sugar industry minister said: "In general, the Ukraine have more than 1 million tons of overproduction tsukpv. We have now started working with Asian countries and Europe to sell sugar was dropped as a huge market that included Russia and CIS countries (about 40% reduction in turnover APC) so try to compensate other markets. " Alex Pavlenko also reported a preliminary agreement with the Minister of Agriculture of the Lordrstva China "raised the issue of export to China not only corn contracts that we have now. Received a positive response from the Chinese side about half willingness to expand trade with us on corn, as well as other positions in t. H. Sugar and chicken that Vinnichiny is very important direction. " Minister of Agriculture Pollityky and Food of Ukraine called production of chicken meat very promising way of Vinnitsa region: "With some of the best facilities in the world, Vinnichchina can be a model of best quality products at the least cost," - he said. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration