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Entities Ternopil paid to the budget of 21.5 million UAH single tax

In February entities Ternopil independently counted and paid to the budget of 21.5 million UAH single tax. This is 7.2 million more than expected. This was announced by Deputy Chief of DFS in Ternopil aboutoblast Sergei Hospodaryk inform the department of the Main Directorate Communications DFS in Ternopil region. The bulk of revenues provided individuals - entrepreneurs simplified taxation. They are paid to the budget in February this year 14.5 million USD. Legal persons who are on a simplified system of taxation, AByamuvaly to budget 7 million In general, from the beginning, single tax payers joined regional budget by 33.5 million. Of these, 23.9 million USD. paid private entrepreneurs and even 9.6 million USD - entities. By the way, at the beginning of March for the simplified tax system were 23 thousand taxpayers region. This was reported in Ternopollskiy RSA