Policemen GSO noted Rivnenshchyna honorary awards

For significant contributions to service Ukrainian people, for many years of dedicated service in the Office of the State Security Service in Rivne region noted better police and handed medals. In real policeman working days to be solemn days, those that provideNumber of confidence in the correctness of the choice of profession and pride in hard work. It was a joyous moment gathered in the hall of the Office of State Security police who gained considerable achievements in the hard work. - Now a time when every Ukrainian, is in constant fear for the state - says head of staffingUDSO in Rivne Police Lt. George Bazan. - Residents of Rivne can not worry for their safety, because the State Security Service protects your peace of mind. A better police protection we celebrate honorary awards. For many years experience, personal contribution to the development of the security police received 28 awards- MIA awards Ukraine - medals for their devoted service. Among those present were police officers who fought for supremacy in sports: tennis, volleyball, weight sport, track cross, fire; repeatedly Rivne guys were the first overall "Best in Profession", so athletes also noted. With the words "Serve the Ukrainianm people "thanked everyone for the difference with high spirits and enthusiasm continued to serve. UDSO at MIA Ukraine Rivne region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/