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In Khmelnytsky Arseniy Yatsenyuk told the ten main tasks performed by the Government for a hundred days

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk called ten key points that Government has fulfilled one hundred days of work. He said this on Thursday, March 12, during a public report of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine hundred days in office. During closing remarksand Yatsenyuk noted that one of the first tasks performed by the Government is the formation of a team: "We are all together here in one team - the team Ukrainian government." Yatsenyuk said that the Cabinet has paid all pensions, salaries and social benefits: "All that was provided in the budget - and this despite the lost economy in the Endytyh enterprises - all pay. " Among the assignments, according to the government - the first stage of tax reform. In particular, reduced by half the number of taxes, tax accounting adjusted to international standards, prohibited checking for small and medium businesses, Single Contribution introduced a system that aims to earn out of the shadowsitnyh boards. The government also conducted the first phase of fiscal decentralization: "We will continue to follow the path of decentralization, including administrative". Yatsenyuk said that the state budget is approved, how to finance the army out unprecedented funds - 5.2% of GDP allocated "90 billion this year as opposed to 65 milyardam USD in the past. " "We are at war with a nuclear power, which in recent decades has spent billions of dollars upgrading their" - he said. The Prime Minister also welcomed the decision of the US government to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including armored vehicles, electronic means of communication kontrbatareyni station. He Categoriesaholosyv the need to equip the Ukrainian army oboronyuvalnoyu weapon: "We defend not only their country. Now we are talking about the defense of world order and European security. " Another task performed by the Government - signed an Association Agreement with the EU and a mechanism of implementation of the Agreement. Yatsenyuk reminded that each ministryis the position of Deputy Minister of European Integration, the Government Office for European Integration, Government carries out training plan towards visa liberalization with the EU. The next task, according to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, for the energy industry: "From empty storage and Russia blocked gas we went to that 70% of the gas we buyyemo not in Russia, bought before, and in the European Union, and not at the price you want Vladimir Putin, and the market. " "We lived one of the toughest winters. In November, I openly said heat will not, but do not freeze. It was difficult to provide, but do not freeze, and also the heat was "- he said. Deficit "Naftogaz Ukraine", underdrew Yatsenyuk, reduced from 8 to 1 billion. With regard to higher prices and energy tariffs Prime Minister said that the Government has allocated 24.5 billion to finance subsidies for low-income citizens. He also stressed the need Proceedings of energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.He stressed that the Government also assists participants ATO, including rehabilitation and prosthetics, and temporarily displaced persons. He said that it is registered 1.1 million displaced persons to assist the Government which will provide an additional 3 billion USD. Yatsenyuk also said that the Cabinet has initiatedlawsuits against the Russian side to contract on gas transit demanding tariff increases. Initiated legal proceedings against Russia before the European Court of Human Rights concerning damages for illegal annexation of the Crimea and for violations of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism. "We will be judged by Russia's aggression against UkRaina, violations of international law, military stealing Ukrainian Crimea, creating bloody "Russian World" in Donetsk and Luhansk. We start the process in the Hague tribunal, and the Ministry of Justice received appropriate instructions for collecting evidence, "- he said. "I would love to believe that the Minsk process will end positively. Pidstav for such faith in me personally a little bit, because I think that Russia and its president have not changed their plans with respect to Ukraine. So the choice is not simply between peace and war, and yet, or fight for our independence, or surrender. No surrender will not "- said Yatsenyuk. He stressed that the government "made the right choice" - gothrough reforms: "Improve the country, look at the ratings, and look only at tomorrow, think about their political future, and the future of the country." This, according to the Government's Western partners, assessing all the reforms and the plan of the Government, decided to grant Ukraine "unprecedented financedOwl assistance "of 25 billion dollars for four years. These funds, he said, are designed to stabilize the exchange rate due to the accumulation of international reserves of the National Bank, and in order "to cope with our external commitments that we were not." Due to these steps, according to the Government, in Ukrainelays come investors, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and later - and private investors "Gradually, the country will stand on his feet." "We are at this time many did. Even more did not. But we are not discouraged. And just ask Ukrainian people - no disappointments and expectations that it will change everything. Changing tIlko that we change our hands, our brains, our hearts and will, "- he said. The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to all the members of the Cabinet and to all MPs, "who took the joint political responsibility": "We - the responsibility for the fate of the entire state. We will carry this responsibility with the PresidentUkraine and the coalition. " "In order that we succeed, we can not stop, can not be disappointed. We must be united as never before. We have chosen this path - and this way we will go. And this will be a successful way for the Ukraine and every Ukrainian, "- said Yatsenyuk. The information was