In the Transcarpathian region Irshava consulted a retired police

police station in Irshava a meeting veterans of the area. Retirees and Veterans police gathered to take stock of the past year and to develop an action plan for this. Chairman of the veteran Vasily area Nikita summed up the work of the past year. TOurique irshavtsi gained the lead among 17 veterans' organizations of the region, for which he received a prize from the cup and of the Council of Veterans MIA area. Last year, financial assistance was given 36 Irshavskoye pensioners totaling more than 13 thousand. Another 12 thousand spent on the anniversary commemoration. 14 pensioners were able to relax in the MIA spas, medi 16lysya hospital hospital MIA. The audience in the hall turned veteran police, district council deputy Ivan Klim, who praised the work of the veteran organization. Another veteran of the police, district council members Andrew Prokop urged fellow veterans in the upcoming elections to nominate their candidates for mayors and local deputies. Vita Horzov IrshavskyDistrict Police