What government bonds (government bonds)

State of our economy today is extremely difficult, and largely dependent on borrowing money. An important element in the economic system of the state is the sale of securities. Securities country produces only sells them in the market at a certain percentage and fixed terminalsdistrict, after which ensures their maturity. This allows you to raise funds for the financing of the budget, namely a deficit and public debt service. To securities include debt securities of government bonds (government bonds). The issuance of government bonds is a very common practice in the world, and often other governmentsShih countries it is used. A well-developed market bonds allows efficient conduct open market operations, thereby forming monetary policy. To date, government bonds is sufficiently reliable option to save their money. This is essentially a bank deposit, but his return guaranteed by the stateAs well as additional income. Before you buy government bonds, it is necessary to consult experts on how to profitably buy bonds and for how long. Why buy government bonds rather than issue a deposit at the bank? Consider their advantages: - Can increase their capital, with minimal risk; - Income districtis taxed; - If necessary, you can immediately sell bonds without loss of interest, which is impossible when prematurely terminates the deposit; - The opportunity to participate in the auction of the stock market.