Zhytomyrski suburban police detained

Two Zhytomyr thieves caught stealing power tools, implements and appliances of a country house. Established that detained twice "visited" the country of the applicant. Police checks on their involvement in other similar cases. By the duty of the police department of Zhytomyr 73 yearsRegional Center resident reported the theft of his property. According to the applicant indicated at left investigative team. Law enforcement officials found that the holding stolen metal items and appliances, and the garage - electric. The total amount of the loss reached 20 thousand UAH. Event details included in the Unified Register of pre-trial, theozsliduvan for Part 3 185 (Theft, coupled with the penetration of the premises) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Operatives of the Criminal Investigation found that the theft involved in an array of two suburban residents regional center, 45 and 48 years of age. The place of residence of one of the men police seized of stolen things. During the investigation of 'it turned out that the detainees to double frequented holiday home. With these words, they were unable to immediately remove all metal objects, as returned a few days. Stolen intended to pass as scrap. According to the facts of ongoing pre-trial investigation. Both men officially notified of the suspicion of theft. - Detained persons are checkedinvolvement in the commission of similar illegal acts of the Zhytomyr region - the head of Zhytomyr District Police Alexander Miller. By law, theft, coupled with the penetration of the premises, shall be punished by imprisonment for granted for a period of 3 to 6 years. Zhitomir District Police Ukraine in Zhytomyr raidssti