In the Lviv region rescuers met and assisted 29 IDPs from Donetsk

February 13 temporary residence to the city arrived 29 IDPs. Families fled their homes in the Donetsk region, where there is anti-terrorist operation. Lviv rescuers, psychologists and social workers are metmonk of children at the station and helped register. Then the family was taken to their temporary homes. Thus, 12 people, including 7 children who will live in the house of prayer in Dubliany, Zhovkivskyi area. Another 4 mom of 6 kids found their refuge in the house of the charitable organization « Caritas » in. Drobobych. Seven makelentsiv settled at boarding school with. Arrows Starosambirskyi area. Here women with children will be able to arrange a temporary life, for help and other necessary assistance. Recall now lives in Lviv 10117 officially registered internally displaced persons, including 3168 children and 1781 disabled and elderly.