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Chernivtsi region: rescuers eliminated within 5 fires over the past

days of fire-rescue units Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region eliminated 5 fires. Thus, in the village Lukavci Vyzhnytsky area on fire in a building of local inhabitants. Because the walls and floors of the building were trees ’ yanymy fire onminutes engulfed the entire building and spread to an area of ??90 sq.m .. The rescuers who arrived at the place, call the fire eliminated to the extent in which they found upon arrival. The fire destroyed the building covering, household goods, damaged floors. Firefighters rescued from destruction house. Also the last day there was a fire alternation 2with burning dry grass. Thus, in the village Doroshivtsi Zastavnivsky area burned dry grass on the area of ??0.5 hectares. The city Sokyriany area of ??dry grass fire was 300 sq.m .. In both cases, fire and rescue units that arrived on the scene, eliminated the fire, not allowing further spread of fire. Total during fire suppression, whichynykly last day, firefighters rescued from destruction 4 building. The dead and injured as a result of fires there. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region