In Ternopil region is home to 2436 people internally peremishenyh

During his visit to Ternopil special representatives of the OSCE Chelino Andrea and Jack Tucker met with the Director of the Department of Social Protection Ternopil Oblast State Administration Vadym Boyarsky and Chief of DSNS in Ternopil oblast Victor Masleyem. The key issues were discussing reforms of social security and social support and protection of internally displaced citizens of Ukraine who live in Ternopil. As informed the Director of Social Protection Ternopil Oblast State Administration Vadym Boyarsky, is an extremely important issueSocial Security is different populations in terms of increased tariffs and reforming subsidy programs for housing and utilities. Special Representatives of the OSCE organization interested in the process of placing and social security status of internally displaced people. Vadim A. assured that juicetal protection and support of citizens of Ukraine who move temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and areas of counter-terrorist operation - special control of regional authorities. "As of 11 March 2015 Ternopil 2436 registered persons with temporarily occupied territory and the area of ??administrative units, of which - 630 - nepovnolitnih - he stated. - In particular, 145 people - with the ARC and 2291 individuals - from the area of ??TU. All arrived temporarily placed in the private sector, social protection facilities and hotel area. " According to head of DSNS in Ternopil oblast Victor Masleya, in close cooperation between the Department of Civil Serviceand emergencies, Migration, Department of Social Security RSA volunteers. "Every day specified information about placing internally displaced citizens of Management and the Department of Social Protection LCA - he said. - At the departmental website management, social security agencies, banks, town and villagecouncils, departments of the State Migration Service, railway and road transport available information messages for people who come from AK Crimea and ATO on state social assistance and support, with the number of government "hot" telephone lines. Relevant information provided through the local media infortion. " Also present at the meeting discussed the exchange of information in the future. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration