In the Rivne region burning dry grass led to fires in the living areas

For the past day in Volodymyrets area recorded just two fires in the private sector due to uncontrolled burning dry grass and debris. In particular, March 9 at 13:49 to the Fire and Rescue Service by calling « 101 » was reportedLyubahy fire in the village. At the address promptly went another guard rescuers 5th State Fire and Rescue post town. Rafalivka. Upon arrival to the site of the call, it was found burning trees ’ wooden roof auxiliary buildings housing sector (cellar). In the immediate vicinity of the fire at a distance of one meter have foundylasya outbuildings. Rescuers spent quickly operational deployment submitted to extinguish the fire water barrel. The transfer of heat to the building located beside managed to escape in time to lokalizuvavshy fire. Subsequently flame ’ I finally extinguished. As later managed to ’ find out, the wife of the owner of the economy long before the emergence pozheJi trash and burned near dry grass. And the wind, in turn, throwing light on the trees ’ Jan cellar roof and triggered a fire. On the same day at 15:25 received another report of a fire in the village spindle. Rescuers who just returned from a previous fire immediately went to the address. The situation was similar previous – burned trees ’ wooden roof structure supporting the housing sector. In a short period of time firefighters fire eliminated. As it turned out the owner of the economy on the eve burned dry grass in yard ’ her and did not notice that the fire spread to the cellar. And discovered the fire when the fire has engulfed the roof of the building. In both cases, the reasonsand fires – careless use of fire. The dead and injured there. The volume of the damage from ’ yasovuyutsya. Given that fire due to uncontrolled burning dry grass every day becoming more frequent, rescuers Rescue refer to citizens to abandon the practice. Because fire may cause damage notlicks private households, but also provoke forest fires. District Volodymyretzh sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region