Vinnytchina: employees the State conducted "open lesson of traffic rules" for children's homes. (+ Photos)

Remind children about the rules of safe behavior on the road never tire of the State workers Vinnitsa, because they believe that teaching children the rules of the road should begin with malechku. Thanks to SPItional agreement the State Vinnicchina Vinnitsa regional Avtouchkombinatom lessons on safe behavior on the road held for students of educational institutions not only in Vinnytsia, but also the region. This time, the traffic police visited the orphanage in the village. Voronovitsa, Vinnitsa region. In the form of a game children were introduced to the signalWe lights, road signs and improvised intersection taught safe transition rules carriageway road. In addition to the knowledge gained children were able to meet modern patrol cars and police employee benefits everyone got on SDA. Heads of the State believe that through preventive robot road will be for young road users is much safer. This was reported in the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vinnitsa region