The three-year lviv'yantsi urgently needed funds for the operation

three-lvovyanka urgently needs help. Little Alintsi Samborska three years old, and she had a brain tumor Hordoma. Doctors say the treatment is possible only abroad - child urgently needs surgery. This March 11 press service of the LCC. Hungarian clinic was able AcceptYou and conducted an operation September 29, 2014. Alina was in intensive care a week. In October 2014 was made and confirmed by histology diagnosed hordoma extremely dangerous tumor, cancer. October 10, 2014 the child was discharged home and gave advice to look for a clinic that has a proton therapy as the best way to treat a child with such a complicated diahnozom. Parents lay the last hope of German doctors who agreed to surgery to remove the tumor, followed by proton therapy. The required amount – about 100 thousand. Euro. The clinic will take the child to the operation as soon as the money will be transferred. Parents reported that proton therapy will be the same, but in a different CLEANandThese. Accordingly, to buy time, you need to raise funds and funds of other clinics. Now the girl is already transported to Germany. However, enough money only for a few days stay in the clinic. Urgent need to collect for about 60,000 euros. This is a very large sum. Parents are asked to help. Told