While Bach Marathon in Lviv sound "Coffee Cantata"

March 21 in Lviv will be large-scale event in the history of classical music - Bach Marathon, which will bring together more than 600 musicians from around the world. Among the headliners - Aldo Bertin (flute, Belgium), Artem Shmahaylo (cello, Belgium), Irina Hintova (violin, Switzerland), Eugene Crook (violin, Ukrainea) Mary finch (violin, Ukraine), Markiyan Maxim (violin, Ukraine), Vita Kalntsiema (organ, Latvia). Lviv Philharmonic Organ Hall, Potocki Palace will host the Bach Marathon – 24 hour live performance works of the famous composer, – the press service of the LCC. Within the Bach Marathon will be children's competition for the best executionI works of Johann Sebastian Bach, who have applied for 124 participants. Qualifying round of the competition will be held on March 19, and the best young musicians perform at venues along with world stars of classical music on 21 March. During the Marathon all lovers will enjoy the most popular creations of the famous composer, including – legendary comic « Coffee Cantata » Johann Sebastian Bach, which was written between 1732 and 1734 years. This work JS Bach wrote on orders Zimmermann coffee house in Leipzig. This coffee house Bach worked from 1729 and from time to time by order of the owner wrote music. Two-hour concert in a coffee house thisMerman (Zimmermannsche Kaffeehaus) popular with residents. One reason for writing Bach cantata was this playful movement in Germany to ban coffee for women. Help. March 21 – Birthday legendary composer Johann Sebastian Bach. On this day the whole world about ’ unites in celebrating the remarkable date – 330 anniversary of the birth of a recognized genius music. Ukraine, in particular Lviv, attached to the worldwide initiative Bach in the Subways. Bach Marathon in Lviv will contribute to global cultural and social initiative that aims to convey the composer's immortal creation to the largest possible audience. March 21, 2015 will be installedUkraine record. Told