In Vinnitsa region the exhibition "Still life of modern Ukrainian classics" (+ photos)

on March 11 in the exhibition halls of Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum the exhibition "Still Life Ukrainian modern classics", which is part of the collection of funds still lives Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum and Art DirectionExhibitions of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. The event was organized Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Art and Art Exhibitions Directorate of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, with the support of the Culture and Tourism State Administration. The opening ceremony was held in the form of art media actions aiming easy communication with organizers statevernissage consciousness and the media. Participation in communication was director of Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum, Honored Artist of Ukraine Ilya Bezbakh, deputy head of the Vinnytsia regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine George Pylypenko, Vinnytsia Oblast member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Iryna Popenko and Honored Artist of Ukraine Leonti Grynyuk. "This exhibition is always a significant event in the cultural life, attracted the attention of art lovers its uniqueness and exclusivity," - said Ilya Bezbakh. According to him, the exhibition presents 30 unique works of modern Ukrainian classics - TN Yablonska, AV Odaynyk, FZ Konovalyuk, A. Lopukhov, KM Lomykina, VD Chegodar, GV Beard, VE Chuikov, IA Malyarenko, MN Romanyshyna, AP Sheremeta, GS Vasetskaya, FZ Zakharov and many others whose names are long in the first row of the Ukrainian national school of painting. Variety in color, composition, and philosophical psychologistchnym content exhibits are the only highly phenomenon that affects the strength of artistic expression, high authoring identity, love and the beauty that nature created. It combines the active creative promises, head of softness, lyricism, thoughtfulness and quiet, making exposure unusually balanced and Laconiichnoyu. Harmonizing factor is also the temporal unity of works - end of XX - beginning. XXI century. The exhibition, which marks the beginning of spring thematically and celebration of International Women's Day, will be on display until the end of March. The organizers expressed confidence that it will interest a wide range of visitors, will be a factor of high aesthetic significanceof professionals and connoisseurs. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration