In Khmelnytsky in dorm residents seized an arsenal of weapons

Sentinels reasonably suspected of having committed theft of youths from the office, and during a search they seized stolen not only money but also an arsenal of weapons. By Netishynskoho Gorotdel police statement on the theft of office of local private enterprise 41 000 USD, laptop Lenovo and credit cards. The attackers were "professionally" and almost no traces left. Calculated them for a few days when guys tried through ATM to withdraw money from stolen cards. Surveillance cameras are prudently closed hand, but guessed that was near another that captured all their euu. Thanks to video police identified the attackers. They were two local residents 17 and 18 years old. During the search, dorm room, inhabited guys, the police seized the stolen money. And in addition to law enforcement officers waiting surprise - an arsenal of weapons. Among the seized - 2 artillery shells,7 sappers to mine, 2 grenades "F-1", 1 block to landmines, more than 100 different-sized rounds. All sent for examination to the Research forensic center. Where did dividers so much ammunition and for what purpose they kept them, finds out the investigation. For these facts for criminal proceedings under Part. 3.185 "Theft" and ch. 1, Art. 263 "The illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region