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Cooperation vocational schools Khmelnytsky with the social partners becomes systemic

recently held a round table on the topic "On cooperation of vocational schools and employers to ensure regional labor market skilled workers" with the authorities, employers, publics organizations and workers vocational education Khmelnitsky region. The round table was attended by the Vice-Chief of Staff of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration stem LV, deputy Khmelnytsky Oblast Council, Director of the Department of Education and Science of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Fasolya AIDeputy Director, Head of vocational education and resources for the Department of Education and Science of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Kharchuk AM, representatives of the departments of the regional state administration, the Federation of Trade Unions of the region, regional employment center, associations of employers Khmelnitsky region, Director of the Methodological Centre for Vocational Education and training Engineering and teaching staff at the Khmelnitsky region Shevchuk LI specialists managing vocational education and resources for the Department of Education and Science of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration; leaders VET area. Participants at the roundtablebhovoreni areas of concern skilled workers in institutions of VET in today's conditions, forecast demand for qualified workforce, taking into account the regional labor market, the objective of forming a state order for training labor, employers participate in training skilled workers,in particular by providing VET students and job training and production areas for passing industrial training, practical training, employability of graduates and their attachment to the workplace and so on. In discussing issues of vocational education related to updating the material and technical base of vocational schools, organization and Mr.rovedennyam practices pupils achieving and internships in enterprises of industrial training masters and teachers of vocational and theoretical training, provision of social security VET graduates in employment and so on. Roundtable participants to ensure consistency education market and the labor market, developing effective furAnisy cooperation of local authorities, employers and other stakeholders of vocational schools for improving the quality of vocational training and their compliance with the requirements of the modern labor market have developed practical recommendations, including: all subjects of social partnership in chargetraining of skilled workers and implement public policies based on youth employment trends in economic development Khmelnytsky take measures to: - Formation of medium term needs of the regional labor market and workforce targets public order; - Development and Implementation ofWe share information on regional labor market, forming a single database needs for skilled workers; - Establishing effective partnerships between business enterprises, organizations, institutions and vocational schools for the target workforce training; - Renewal forms of cooperation vocational schools, industry, business and trade unions pitai training of skilled labor for companies in the region; - Attracting employers to update and replenish the material and technical base of vocational schools with modern equipment, machinery and equipment; - Providing jobs for students passing of apprenticeship and practical training at modern equipment; - Ensure the participationprofessionals and enterprises, institutions and organizations in the work groups to improve training programs, development, testing and implementation of national standards of vocational education; - Promotion of training teaching staff on the latest techniques and technologies, improve their working skills; - A flexible systemtheme planning, forecasting demand for qualified workforce for businesses, institutions and organizations of the region and participating employers in the definition of state order for training labor; - Establish a system of vocational schools and employers on information and update the legislative framework VET; - Introduction of Jerel multi-channel financing of VET. Vocational education institutions: - Continue the practice of concluding agreements on cooperation with enterprises, institutions and organizations; involve representatives of employers for improvement of logistics, the formation of educational content, training sessions, participation in StateIt qualifying certification, production management practices; - To monitor the employment of graduates, their attachment to their first job and professional advancement; - To study and analyze assessment employers professional level of graduates; - To provide mandatory training teachers pratsivnykiv leading enterprises in the region and Ukraine. Enterprises, institutions, organizations regardless of ownership and subordination; - Participate in state qualifying examination, state certification of persons according to the results of professional training and professional qualifications for confirmation professional occupation of persons wishing to claimidtverdyty results of informal learning; - Promote education institutions to monitor the quality of graduates working in the company, and provide educational institution relevant information and suggestions for improving the quality of training, improving educational content according to the current and future needs youproduction; The information was