In Vinnytsia we must work out clear mechanisms for systematic work on landscaping and treatment of solid waste (+ photos)

This was stressed by Deputy Governor Vasily brewers during the extended meeting on public welfare and waste management in Vinnytsia region, which took place at aboutlderzhadministratsiyi 11 March. At a meeting attended by directors of concerned departments of State Administration, heads of district administrations, experts in environmental safety NTB, representatives of the municipal police. Vinnitsa. "We have to discuss not only spring cleaning: the time to develop a systematic approach to continuous maintenance of populated paragraphsdemonstration in proper sanitary condition, "- said Basil in his introduction of the industry. He also noted that the sanitary condition of many towns and villages in the region are extremely poor. Weedy roadside pavements used as a place for spontaneous trade, with piles of garbage belts - a sad picture can be seen in every area. So nayvazhlyvishym objective improvement in the Deputy Governor called a systematic approach to the problem and use best practices in organizing the collection and disposal of solid waste (such experiences are of Vinnitsa, Ladyzhyn, Kalinowski district, etc.). On the agenda were the Director of Housing and Comunaletion, energy and infrastructure Governor Anatoliy Vakar, Director of Environment and Natural Resources Regional State Administration Volodymyr Krys'ko, NTB experts involved in the development of integrated management and disposal of solid waste. Anatoly Vakar outlined some aspects of housing stock, withbyrannya roadside strips of green and recreational areas, Works in the collection and removal of debris. According to him, Last year participate in ensuring improvement in Vinnytsia region was more than 160 thousand people. In 2014 landscaping settlements area used 128 million. USD. Also official stop on issues thatoccur in accomplishment. Vladimir Krys'ko focused attention on the issues of storage and disposal areas in the field of hazardous waste, in particular - of obsolete pesticides. He touched problems Dzhurynsky otrutomohylnyka (for the organization of this dangerous object due to a high state of readiness). ScholarsInstitute for Environmental Security and Environmental Monitoring NTB provided the participants of the meeting report analysis of waste management in Vinnytsia region, described the state of landfills and solid waste dumps and presented recommendations developed by the Institute for Solid Waste Management. They were assured that a half or two months can present system Intehrovanoho management and disposal of solid waste, which builds on previous analytical studies. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration