In Zhytomyr police disarmed several dozen citizens

As a result of the special operation in the region of illegal trafficking law enforcement officers seized nearly two dozen firearms and hundreds of weapons and other dangerous substances. During the operation, police visited the apartments over 6 thousand people who have been registeredon weapons to ensure proper performance of the statutory requirements for storage and handling of it. External police patrols who serve with law enforcement on the streets of towns and roads, inspecting suspicious vehicles. When law enforcement inspection found 87 violations storage weaSecond, all violators fined, and 56 of them removed permits storage of firearms and ammunition. - Any weapons, ammunition and explosives are relevant only during the war or hunting. But they must not be used in civilian life. Keeping these prohibited items, gromadyany automatically endanger not only themselves but also those around them. So police warns: Do not refill illicit arms and be aware of criminal liability for such actions, - said Acting Head of Internal Affairs Zhytomyr Gregory Polkovnikov. During operation of the illicit trafficking of firearms seized 18 units ofbroyi, including 6 carbines, pistols 5, 3 shotgun hunting guns, 4 units of self-made firearms. In addition, police seized 545 polesian ammunition, explosive ammunition 4 Action 5 explosives, grenades 6, 0.15 kg of explosives and 17 units knives. During this time, 39 criminal proceedings initiated by Fktamy illegal arms. Thus, Chudnivschyni police seized 64-year-old local resident, an arsenal of weapons, consisting of guns, knives, grenades and ammunition. Berdichev police found in the house pensioner grenade, and the residents of the area - unregistered weapons. A resident Radomyshl rashly claimed in store own carI two grenades WWII. Police recalls that the possession of weapons, ammunition and explosives found and purchased in different circumstances, are illegal. Article 263 (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the possession, storage, purchasing, manufacturing, reMont, transfer or sale of firearms (except for smooth-bore hunting guns), ammunition, explosives or explosive devices without statutory authority determined the punishment of imprisonment for a term of 3 to 7 years. Under the law, a person who voluntarily surrendered weapons, ammunition, explosives orexplosive devices exempt from criminal liability. Thus, anyone can legitimately and safely get rid of items that could cause trouble. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/