In Khmelnytsky danger of burning dry grass

Every spring, once installed dry warm weather more often to Fire and Rescue Service Khmelnytsky begin to receive reports of fire of dry grass on economic grounds, along highways and even on the side almost in the center of towns and villages . Often thesefires lead to fires Nearby buildings, power lines outages EHV and woodland fires and peat in BC ’ connection with which the state put significant financial and environmental damage. Only 9 March region recorded 4 visits fire-rescue units to put out fires and dry grass cmittya, namely: at 10:40 in the village. Pecheske Khmelnitsky region on fire debris, which eliminated rescuers 37th State Fire and Rescue unit; at 15:25 trash fire originated in the regional center of the street. Vereisk, fire rescue team eliminated special fire equipment rescue detachment of special purpose; in this sametime is on fire debris on the street. Central again in Brussels in the neighborhood « Dyvokray & raquo ;, fire eliminated firefighters 37th and 3rd DPRCH as a result of the fire destroyed the supporting structure housing, household items and damaged metal trailer, windows and roof of the house ; There are at 16:10 with fireuhoyi grass there was an open area with. Bahovytsya stone ’ Kamyanets-Podolsk district, fire rescue eliminated 5th State Fire and Rescue parts. In all these cases, the cause of the fire – careless use of fire. At the time of such fires flame ’ I not only causes material damage, it also destroyedI fertile soil, combustion products inflicted irreparable damage to the environment, which is calculated not only in UAH. Together with the air in the lungs is interrupted smolder combustion of waste, vegetable residues and with smoke – a variety of toxic, harmful to health ’ I chemicals released during combustion In particularma compounds of lead, mercury and other heavy metals. Therefore, people should ponder on how dangerous can be diluted while relaxing on the lawn fire or uncontrolled burning dry grass and debris, especially during the spring fire period. In connection ’ connection with this Department DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region AppealsI all the inhabitants skirts requested to comply with fire safety regulations, does not burn garbage and crop residues – not pollute the air, preserve their lives and health ’ i! PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast