In the Rivne region in UDSO informed about the benefits of

in the Office of the State Guard Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region met with residents of private homes who want to protect their area from criminal attacks. For homeowners cottage Rivne a presentation of services the State Security Service. Learn the benefits of other law enforcement agencies came more than 30 people. - Theft of personal property in homes, unfortunately, every month only increase, - said the head UDSO in Rivne region police colonel Alexander Gavrilyuk. - In order to protect not only their own way, but the lives of your children when they are alonehome, offering our services with the latest hardware. Indeed, the list of services the State Security Service considerable. Residents of Rivne offered not only a permanent surveillance and motion sensors, but also of inpatient services. Being on objects protected around the clock police protection could Draftment offense in place. Permanent patrol near warn the offender and hardly wants to steal it. To view the film offered to citizens on the activities of SSS in which viewers were able to see how the police operate on objects protected. The main feature which is inherent only SSS, is that it is the only state OHSroyena Service. Knowing this, the offender is not a desire to enter the territory, which is guarded. After the presentation, the participants had some questions. Having all vdipovidi, people now have more information about the activities and services of GSO and defend their homes. If you also want to find out about our servicessecond service, please contact: m. Rivne, str. Art. Bandera, 58, or call the hotline: 0800502220; 0800211000. UDSO at MIA Ukraine Rivnenskiy in the region