Luck: Company "M.ZH.K" vidremotuvaly entrances in seven cities

homes As the director of the company Valery Kovalyuk during 2015 under scheduled maintenance for residents of seven houses were made range of activities: whitewash ceilings, renovated staircases, handrails and painted walls and more. In particular, home: 7 (and entrance) at Prospekt Young, 4 (V entrance), 25 (IV entrance), 25a (V entrance), 1, that prospect of Unification, number 2b (V entrance), 6 (III entrance), that on the street. Chornovil. This work will continue to homes and other cities. Also, employees of the company on schedule repairs made VZRU, vnutridomovykhand surface networks in homes elektroschytkiv number 23 on Prospect Youth, 1, 1a, 22, that prospect Unity. Completed replacement of cold water pipe in the basement of the first entrance of a residential house number 32B, that prospect Unity. In addition, renovate stairs at the entrance to the entrance at Prospekt Young, 17b (V entrance), 3b (second entrance). This was reported in Lutsk City Council