In the Rivne region rescuers improve skills in providing assistance domedychnoyi

March 10 Chairman of the District Red Cross Society of Ukraine Bilyakov Maria and Sofia instructor Mulyar spent teaching sessions with staff of the 18th state of the Fire and Rescue m. Zdolbunov to provide assistance domedychnoyi removedWaited in extreme situations. Soldiers Operational Rescue Service received not only theoretical but also practical knowledge on the basics of providing domedychnoyi help airway lesions and complete products of incomplete combustion, burns, various types of bleeding, seizures, shock, internal injuries and fractures, as well as teachIlisu rules transportation and transfer of the victim. Each lifeguard in practice (with special dummies) could work out in artificial respiration and indirect heart massage, imposing bandages and tourniquet on the affected body part. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region